Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Big Island, Hawaii

Just spent 10 wonderful days in the sun on Hawaii with Liz. So great to get out of the city and back into nature, the place really reaffirmed in my mind that a life lived outside in nature is so rewarding. You can just get stuck in the everyday big city grind, it is even obvious to me to "go out and play", I just don't. Not like I am becoming a mountain man anytime soon, but definitely stepping up my plein-air painting the next couple of months.

To be honest we spend most of our time lounging on the beach and falling off surf boards but we managed to do a few paintings. This one is the only one I ended up pleased with, and it was painted on a small beach-park near Hilo, Big Island. The owner of a hostel we stayed at was gracious enough to take us snorkeling in the area, he took us to this spot to paint and it was an amazing place. Hardly anyone around except for some locals, and we even saw a couple of huge sea-turtles basking in the sun.