Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Figure painting

So I've been taking Figure Painting at the school now for five weeks. Last homework assignment was a master copy, our choice of reference as long as it was full figure. I chose to work from Caravaggio's "Boy with a Ram" Obviously rendering after Caravaggio on an 18x24 is quite the challenge, but it was a lot of fun getting to spend more then 8 hours on a figurative piece. On the other hand, when you really look at the reference for 20 hours you start realizing what a genius Caravaggio was. The subtleties and hue variations this man had, in a time where paints did not come on tubes in every color imagenable, is truly amazing. I think Ill try copying another one of his paintings in... lets say 20 years and see how much closer I'll be!

This second image is a painting from model in class, about 8 hours on this one. 12x16 canvas board. Face turned out nice, need to work some more color in there.

Another painting done in class, tried working a bit losser with some elements. 5 hours on this one.

Third in class painting, thats it for midterms :)