Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The world is full of things I need, that's what theyre telling me on TV!

Clothed Fig. painting hw. Liz and Ringo in the park. Had a lot of fun on this one, even though it was frustrating at times working so big (20x34, if my memory serves me right). The concept that I found as I was painting was the color red. Playing up the central red shape and bouncing that color around to create an interesting, more subliminal 2nd read and color path. I probably should have planned this approach out a bit more, so I didn't have to rely so much on the underpainting. Especially on the right hand side.

Anywhoo, that probably gets a bit abstract and far fetched, pretty happy with the outcome. Learned a few lessons about fill light I will try to apply in the future, and of course the many little things I could have handled better. Photograph is a bit high contrast, and later I might do a few touch-ups here and there.