Monday, December 29, 2008

Summer series - Bislett

Spent the summer back home in beautiful Oslo at the wonderful apartment in Bislett. My god how I dream about that place when I sleep at lower bunk in my shared studio in SF. I guess you got to sacrifice to be an artist. Starving artist and all of that. For a some weeks that summer I worked exclusively on toned paper with coloured charcoal, and this series is part of what came out.

Madlib, El-P
Made this illustration surrounding a few of my favourite music producers and threw in a few elements related to their hip-hop universe

Rock out
Started the series with left over toned paper, a sienna charcoal pencil and my dads old cd cover depicting Jim Morriosn. From there on that deloped into some rock theme, which then led to the illustration above.

Obama Christ
Got tired of musicians and decided to draw a real rock star. Depicting Obama as the saviour seemed to fit the times (even more these days!). Still working on rendering faces, charicatures quickly lose their edge without an instant recognition. I still hope you can pick him out in the end?