Saturday, January 3, 2009

Sleeping Girl

I got this great little biography on the life and works of Alfons Mucha for Christmas. His poster work especially is incredible, some of it you can find here. All I could get with me on the plane home for Christmas was a set of gouache colors, so I got out my paints and decided to do something in his spirit.

Seeing as I keep hearing gouache is just opaque watercolor I decided to work on some watercolor paper I had laying around. This probably wasn't such a good idea cause the rough tooth of the paper made it difficult to achieve the smooth delicate application Mucha does so well. I think Illustration board will work much better next time. For the outlines I worked with Microns, which is ok, but I tend to create rather harsh linework. Next time Ill work a bit bigger so I can get in there with my brushtip pen (This one was done on an A5 piece of paper). Definitly enjoyed working with my gouache set, a lot more fun then the one pass solid application we were doing back in color and design class!