Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Illustrative Digital Imaging final

Right in the middle of finals week, and as usual the stubble is uncontrollable and my pants are covered in oil paint. However, if I manage to wake up tomorrow morning and hand in my last final, a three week roadtrip is waiting around the corner. - Good things comes to those who wait (or some other cheesy thing people say)

For my final digital painting assignment we had a group project. The brief we were assigned stated we had to work with a mix of an archaic and a futuristic society. Collectively we decided on a mix of 70% Roman culture and 30% Star Wars (that first movie). We were assigned either two characters or an environment, and seeing as I still had not done any characters for this class I was glad to get the choice of our cultures evil emperor and his evil general.

Working with thumbnail character studies was a true eye-opener, and a small example of the ones I did can be seen underneath.

I finally installed my wacom tablet driver, - yeah I have been working all semester without pressure sensitivity (!). And managed to work with looser, more solid brushstrokes on this one. This made the painting part a lot quicker, and even though these were a bit rushed I am very happy with the learning process here.