Thursday, May 14, 2009

Three last paintings of the semester

The first painting of the woman and the chair is a composite from two photos on Masonite board. I tried out Coles Phillip's Fade-away technique on the shawl, which I though was fairly successful. Seeing as the large shape of the figure is of to the left I was spending some time balancing it out with the more saturation, dark value and hue variation to the right of the picture plane.

The second piece is top view of wall street commenting on the near religious view a lot of people have of the capitalist economic dogma of todays america. Even in a time where the system has proven to be flawed people reserve their critiscism to mere details. The centered, strong and powerful composition was meant to build up on that. I believe the idea was a good one, but limited by my own lack of experience this one fell apart in execution. Did learn invaluable lessons on value pattern, saturation of lights/darks and shapes.

The third piece is a painting done for an in-class session on the figure in composition. I photographed the same pose from three different perspectives, then composited the figure together in photoshop without merging them. The idea is that the figure and composition study is of the same surgical nature as a dissection of meat.